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Our goal is that your experience throughout the admission process is a positive one, and we hope that you will find Vernus a perfect fit for your family. Many of your questions may be answered on this site, and we are available to assist you along the way. We are certain you will feel the warmth and respect that exists between our teachers and children and we look forward to meeting you!

our prices

our prices


Infant (6 weeks – 12 months) and Toddler (12 – 24)


Infant(2 – 3 years old)


(3 – 6 years old)




Vernus supports the academic, educational and developmental needs of children in the community. We admit students from any education system.

Vernus only admits students that we feel are capable of bettering our environment, goals and ambitions. Right of admission is fully reserved by our learning centre.

We admit students with diagnosed or diagnosable special needs to a limited number of students. If any services such as private tuition, speech & language therapy or personal assistants are required, the school reserves the right to refuse admission on the grounds of not having adequate resources or levy these extra services at the sole expense of the parents.

Vernus can refuse admission of a student, re-enrolment or request the withdrawal of a student if we feel that the student’s best interests and needs cannot be met in our environment or if a student’s behavior can harm the welfare of the Vernus community.

Decisions with respect to initial class placement are exclusively made by Vernus. We do our best to assure that they are academically and developmentally appropriate.

how to apply

how to apply

Families who are interested in applying to our programmes should begin the process as early as possible. For nursery programmes there is no application deadline, as these programmes enroll year-round whenever a space becomes available. For other programmes a student may start his or her study only at a start of a new semester.


We invite you to tour our campus or attend our meetings and events so that you will have a personal connection to Vernus teachers, curriculum and learning environment. We often find that your experience on a tour will help tell our story better than any other form of communication. During your initial visit, our Admission Director will talk with you about your child and your expectations. This informal discussion allows us to understand more about your family, your own educational philosophies and your child’s needs, unique abilities, and personality. You can schedule a tour online, or call our office for assistance.


Once you have decided that Vernus is a good fit for your family, our ability to offer you a space depends upon our current availability and your preferred start date.


We will reach out to you when a space becomes available and you are next on our Waiting List. If you choose to accept placement, you will be required to pay a Registration Fee to secure the space. The payment is non-refundable. We will schedule a paperwork appointment with you at school and provide you with an enrollment packet to take home.


Before your child’s first day of school, you will need to have returned the completed enrollment packet, including the Medical Form to be filled out by you or your child’s pediatrician.

timeline & policy

The following highlights major admission dates and events for entry to our Early Childhood Programs and Kindergarten.

April 2017

Applications available for Autumn 2017. Individual and group tours begin


Parent interviews begin


Parents notified of admission decisions

September 2017

September 10, 2017: Term 1 starts


Late applications considered for any remaining spaces

January 2018

January 2, 2018: Term 2 starts


April 8th, 2018: Term 3 starts

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